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Optimize Your People, Processes, Orders and Machines.

What is an MES?

An MES, or Manufacturing Execution System, enables manufacturers to track and trace the transformation of raw materials to finished products. A good MES effectively manage people, processes, orders, and machines in real time to help optimize productivity.

ShopVue is a modular, user-friendly MES with the manufacturing labor management, traceability, component control, digital work instructions and more required for successful advanced manufacturing. 

A fully implemented ShopVue software system can help you achieve measurable improvements in quality, cost, and delivery time.

Key Benefits of ShopVue

  • Visibility into every step of your manufacturing process 
  • Access to real-time machine data for improved OEE
  • Improved net labor efficiency (NLE)
  • Improved product quality
  • Reduced waste, scrap and overages
  • Increased equipment uptime / reduced downtime
  • Capture costs more accurately across labor, equipment, and material
  • Full track-and-trace capability for auditing and genealogy 
  • Easy-to-use, color-coded, touch screens for operators
  • Compatible with many ERP, payroll, and other third-party systems

Engineering & Operations Management

Gain real-time data about your people, processes, machines, and orders — so you can make faster, more informed decisions for maximum operational effectiveness. 

Quality & Continuous Improvement

Drive improved productivity with ShopVue’s combination of Labor Management, Direct Machine Interfaces, real-time visibility into WIP status, Digital Instructions and Electronic Inspections. 

Finance & IT Leadership

Determine a product’s true cost and accurately investigate variances. With off-the-shelf interfaces, robust configuration options, and turn-key support, ShopVue ensures smooth system integration and a painless “go-live.”


Low Touch. High Efficiency.

ShopVue requires minimal manual entry while delivering maximum insight into operational efficiency. Our operator console provides a seamless, user-friendly experience through an intuitive, touch-screen interface — and there are extensive options to configure screens by user, pay group, or work center.

ShopVue’s modular design provides customers with an on-demand manufacturing execution system (MES) that can grow as your needs evolve. You only buy what you need, when you need it. With deep out-of-the-box functionality, each ShopVue module offers best-of-breed capabilities for the task at hand. Combined, these components provide the building blocks of a long-term, comprehensive MES platform.

The ShopVue manufacturing execution system (MES) requires minimal manual entry while delivering maximum insight into operational efficiency.


Opportunity for Seamless Integration

ShopVue establishes common ground for Operations and IT. With off-the-shelf interfaces, you can adopt a best-of-breed MES software solution with seamless integration into your complete IT landscape. ERP, PLM, APS, Payroll…and more. ShopVue works well with all your critical systems. 

Two successful smiling business man walking through big warehouse with helmets on their heads.Younger man is shoving older one shelf’s full of products ready to be delivered. Happy investors.


From Automotive Parts to Rockets

No matter what you’re building, ShopVue helps you build it better.

$10 billion

 In goods managed

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Shop Floor Labor Management
150 million

Operator Transactions

40,000 users

Among Customers

6-9 months

To Positive ROI

Satisfied Customers

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“ShopVue’s success is measurable and helped us increase both employee and machine utilization and efficiency.”