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Experience That Matters

ShopVue is a proven manufacturing execution software (MES) solution. For over 30 years, forward-thinking manufacturers have relied on us to optimize their operations.

Manufacturing Execution System Solutions

Leverage Industry 4.0 on your shop floor. With the suite of tools provided by ShopVue, you’ll have a bird’s-eye view of your manufacturing operations — with real-time reporting and paperless technology.


Take control of your plant floor labor data and make production process improvement decisions based on facts, not estimates.

> 40,000


Among Customers


Eliminate paper throughout your whole factory, saving time and improving accuracy across all manufacturing operations.



To Positive ROI


From production job start to finish, ShopVue helps you track every step in the line, revealing mission-critical manufacturing data that keeps your plant floor humming.

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In Goods Managed


Connect directly to your machine controls and get 100% accurate status and performance information with minimal effort.

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Machine Transactions

I would like to stress how much I enjoyed working with your company and the implementation team.

Their background in manufacturing spoke volumes in the way they helped me implement your system…they know real-world manufacturing. It is because of them that I feel we are making quantum leaps in our job costing and production tracking.
Sr. Business Analyst / Hu-Friedy

Investing in a leading manufacturing execution system (MES) like ShopVue is investing in our people and helps us in a competitive labor market. Our initial and ongoing investment has been repaid many times over.

ShopVue helps us effectively manage over 1,400 employees working more than 224,000 labor hours a month, and over 16,000 monthly Production Orders.
Director of Process / Aerospace Manufacturing Company

We have greater visibility of ongoing and completed work than before without the complexities of our previous, multi-program, multi-language system.

Manufacturing Manager / ARDE, An Aerojet Rocketdyne Company

I wanted to thank you for your effort and support with ShopVue.

I believe that you have an excellent, professional staff and we are extremely pleased with your ShopVue product and your outstanding service. We consider ShopVue a major success.
IT Director / SGL Group, The Carbon Company

After implementing ShopVue we realized a 10% improvement in overall productivity which saved us $300k in just the first year.

Process Engineer / Sanmina – SCI

All our new assembly modules coming online are fully IoT capable…

Both automated lines and those where it makes sense to use more human capital.
Director of Quality / Automotive Manufacturing Company

ShopVue’s support is the best of any software company we work with. No other company is even close… 

ShopVue’s experience in manufacturing is exceptional; they know what works, what does not and could deliver a solution that met our demands and very high standards.
Director of Process / Aerospace Manufacturing Company

Today I get that same information online in seconds – for only the 2-3 jobs I’m trying to focus on…

Before ShopVue, if I needed to understand how a job was running, I’d have to go out on the floor with a calculator, key data into our old system and then WAIT until the next day to get the report. It is such a valuable tool. My foremen depend on it so much that they’d probably go on strike if it ever got pulled out.
Operations Manager / Dresser Flow Control

Why Shopvue MES?

ShopVue is a modular, user-friendly MES with the manufacturing labor management, production traceability, component control, digital work instructions and more required for successful advanced manufacturing.

A fully implemented ShopVue software system can help you achieve measurable improvements in quality, cost, and delivery time.

What is an Manufacturing Execution System (MES)?

An MES, or Manufacturing Execution System, enables manufacturers to track and trace the transformation of raw materials to finished products. A good MES effectively manages people, processes, orders, and machines in real time to help optimize productivity.

Key Benefits of ShopVue

Visibility into every step of your manufacturing process

Access to real-time machine performance data for improved OEE

Improved net labor efficiency (NLE)

Increased equipment uptime / reduced downtime

Capture costs more accurately across labor, equipment, and material

Full production track-and-trace capability for auditing and genealogy

Compatible with many ERP, payroll, and other third-party systems

Factory-friendly, easy-to-use, color-coded, touch screens for operators

Measure, Report & Optimize

Engineering & Operations Management

Gain real-time data about your people, processes, machines, and orders — so you can make faster, more informed production process improvement decisions for maximum operational effectiveness.

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Quality & Continuous Improvement

Drive improved plant floor productivity with ShopVue’s combination of Labor Management, Direct Machine Interfaces, real-time visibility into WIP status, Digital Instructions and Paperless Inspections.

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Finance & IT Leadership

Determine the true job cost of a product and accurately investigate variances. With off-the-shelf interfaces, robust configuration options, and turn-key support, ShopVue ensures smooth system integration and a painless “go-live.”

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Integrated Systems

Opportunity for Seamless Integration

ShopVue establishes common ground for Operations and IT. With off-the-shelf interfaces, you can adopt a best-of-breed MES software solution with seamless integration into your complete IT landscape. ERP, PLM, APS, Payroll…and more. ShopVue works well with all your critical systems.

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