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Casco Development, LLC

Casco Development — the maker of ShopVue — provides a comprehensive, operator-friendly Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) platform that enables mid- to enterprise-sized discreet manufacturers to achieve optimal performance on the shop floor.

Our customers trust ShopVue to better manage their people, processes, orders, and machines ― and to help them achieve measurable improvements in quality, cost, and delivery time.

As a discrete manufacturer, if you have complex manufacturing processes and assemblies or are a job shop and are looking to improve your performance, then we may be able to help you.

In 2018, Casco Development, LLC and its flagship solution, ShopVue, were welcomed into the CAI Software, LLC family via acquisition. CAI Software, LLC is a recognized leader in the delivery of on-demand enterprise resource planning (ERP) and management systems to market leading companies in the building materials, food processing, precious metals and discrete manufacturing/distribution industries. We are headquartered in Rhode Island and serve clients throughout North America and Europe.

Our Location

Our home office and training facilities overlook our namesake: Casco Bay in Portland, Maine, USA. Most know about Maine’s scenic rocky coastlines and world-famous lobster, but Portland also enjoys a culinary reputation for its array of acclaimed restaurants and breweries and is regularly ranked as among the most livable cities in the U.S.

Portland’s waterfront is iconic… and we are located just down the road from here.

The Portland, Maine, area has a robust ecosystem for early, mid- and enterprise stage technology companies, so we are able to attract talented professionals.

Our Technology

Casco Development has been a longtime partner of leading enterprise technology companies including SAP, Infor, and Microsoft. We have been a Microsoft Certified Partner for Software Development for over 10 years.


Are you looking to join a smart, fun-loving, and agile team?

We work with many of the best manufacturers in the world. And, we’re headquartered in Portland, Maine — often ranked as one of the best places to live in the USA. We are always looking for new talent. Ready?