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The ShopVue-SYSPRO Connector allows you to benefit from a world-class MES that supports your manufacturing operations while providing a seamless integration into your SYSPRO environment. ShopVue delivers real-time labor and order tracking, machine monitoring, and full-featured time and attendance in one reliable system that interfaces directly with SYSPRO.  

The ShopVue-SYSPRO Connectors

Since 2002, ShopVue has integrated with SYSPRO to deliver:

  • Real-time tracking of factory orders and labor time
  • Drag-and-drop order scheduling changes using the Graphical Sequencer

ShopVue Advantages for SYSPRO Users

Real-Time Posting

As operators report work around the shop floor, ShopVue posts data to the SYSPRO system in real-time, giving management at all levels up-to-the-minute information about where the orders are and how efficiently the factory is working.

World-Class Time & Attendance

Fully developed Time & Attendance provides a greatly improved user experience over less comprehensive alternatives. ShopVue goes far beyond inferring attendance simply from labor transactions. ShopVue Time & Attendance reduces everyday frustrations caused by missed punches and handles complexities such as balancing overtime and approving future absence requests. The result is a better experience for operators, supervisors, and human resources managers alike.

A Supervisor’s Best Friend

With ShopVue, supervisors can review and approve employees’ attendance and labor transactions in one place. When supervisors correct transactions, those transactions can still post to the SYSPRO system — giving you more accurate data.

Machine Tracking

ShopVue can track machine performance either as a byproduct of labor transactions (from operator inputs) or by connecting using direct machine interface (DMI). ShopVue can measure overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), capture cycle counts, alert mechanics a machine is down, and display all this data on wall-mounted dashboards.

Validation & Error Handling

ShopVue uses Production Order information from the SYSPRO system to interactively validate each operator entry. For example, if ShopVue knows a standard in the SYSPRO system  is 100 pieces per hour, ShopVue can warn an operator if he or she attempts to report a quantity that is less than X percentage (user-defined) of this standard. The ShopVue-SYSPRO Connector validates these entries again when it updates the Infor system.  In the unlikely event that an error “slips through”, the ShopVue-SYSPRO Connector returns the error to ShopVue for correction and automatic reposting.

Changes Only

The Changes Only feature ensures ShopVue will download only new orders and changes to existing orders, limiting network traffic and speeding download time. Seconds after planners input that new “hot job” into the SYSPRO system, operators can begin working on the job in ShopVue.

Automatic Operation

The ShopVue-SYSPRO system interactions happen automatically at frequent intervals. If either system is temporarily unavailable, the ShopVue-SYSPRO Connector interface queues transactions until a connection is reestablished.

Corrections in ShopVue with Delta Logic

Supervisors can make corrections to operator transactions in one place – ShopVue. The ShopVue-SYSPRO Connector uses delta logic along with its export history to transmit corrections to the Infor system to keep the two systems in sync. Additionally, ShopVue has systemic checks that monitor and ensure the data in the two systems always match.