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What Is Absence and Overtime Tracking?

The ShopVue Absence & Overtime Management add-on extends the Time & Attendance module to track vacation, sick time, and other absence balances using a simple debit/credit system. The add-on module automates and improves the communication of overtime opportunities between management and shop floor employees. With Absence & Overtime Tracking, you can:

  • Manage absence balances
  • Configure absence accruals
  • Automatically notify employees of available overtime
  • Create overtime offers
  • Distribute overtime equitably
  • Allow employees to self-service
  • Generate automatic emails for absence requests
  • Maintain FMLA compliance
  • Import balances from payroll

Why Do I Need It?

Your employees are your most vital resource, and managing their time effectively is both critical and complex. Absence & Overtime Management enables you and your employees to easily track their absences, vacation, and overtime. The module includes the ability to set global rules around absences, vacation, and overtime, and also offers customization for unique circumstances. For example, you hire a senior manager from a competitor and want to bypass typical first-year employee standards.

How Do We Measure Its Value?

With Absence & Overtime Management, you have greater visibility into your employees’ time and availability, and the self-service function helps your employees to be more empowered. Additionally, the module helps you fill critical shifts by automatically communicating the opportunity for overtime in a fair and equitable way.