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What Is Employee Certifications?

Certifications is a ShopVue add-on feature for tracking employee training, credentials, and certifications.

Unique Features & Capabilities

  • Custom definition of certifications
  • Certification-based job permissions, so employees can’t operate machines or undertake tasks for which they are unqualified
  • A simple, user-friendly selection box matrix interface

Why Do I Need To Maintain Employee Certifications?

Restricting access to jobs, machines, and operations to the appropriate employees is critical for the integrity of your business and your traceability documentation. In many industries, compliance with regulatory requirements and documentation must also be considered and adhered to. It’s also essential to be able to document and maintain employee qualifications with a minimum of administrative overhead. 

How Do We Measure The Value Of Validated Certification Plans ?

Recording and tracking employee skills and certifications optimizes operations at every level of your business. With the Certifications module, you can set job- and machine-level validations so only qualified employees can run them. Managers are also able to plan and audit employee training, and schedule work based on who is certified. Your employees are your most important resource, and Certifications enables you to maximize their value. 

Certifications tie in to Production Traceability and enable you to trace and validate that only appropriate employees completed a certification-based job.