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What Is It?

ShopVue Analytics is a core ShopVue module that provides Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to share across the business. ShopVue will deliver a series of out of the box dashboards and provide you the ability to create new ShopVue Dashboards to meet your unique requirements.

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Overall Labor Efficiency
  • Employee Status
  • Workforce Analysis
  • Production Schedule
  • Total Cycle Time
  • Throughput
  • Quality Metrics
  • Setup Changeover Time Analysis
  • Order Locations
  • Machine State & Maintenance
  • WIP Status

Why Do I Need It?

You have access to good quality, real-time data, and you want to share KPIs across your organization. You want to celebrate wins and identify losses in real-time to eliminate waste. ShopVue Analytics is a powerful dashboard tool made-easy- built on a class leading BI platform Qlik.

Your team can build and publish your own dashboards with ShopVue Data, focusing on accelerating business value. Turn data into actionable insights as you expand your data-driven culture.

How Do We Measure Its Value?

Display real-time feedback on big screen monitors, PC’s and mobile devices to motivate your production teams to meet their goals and manage risk. Your planners, schedulers and customer focused teams will have access to order status and process information to gain full visibility into your operations.