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What Is It?

Dashboard is a ShopVue add-on that provides highly visible access to key metrics, for supervisor use or to display on the shop floor. Dashboard offers: 

  • Automatic data refresh and display cycling
  • Flexible layout and sizing
  • Custom data
  • Configuration capabilities for presentation of key metrics
  • A catalog of predefined manufacturing metrics

Why Do I Need It?

Certain operational metrics (OEE) need to be at the forefront, on your factory floor, for both supervisors and operators to view. For example, the our WorkPoint Status dashboard immediately communicates a machine’s “in the moment” status indicators such as state, order, efficiency, and more. The Dashboard add-on lets you define what data is displayed, how frequently it refreshes, and display it where employees have constant, easy access.

How Do We Measure Its Value?

Data is power. Your employees are motivated by success as well as pay incentives, and Dashboard keeps performance metrics at their fingertips and within eyesight. It also alerts supervisors to quality and efficiency issues so they can be promptly corrected.