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What Is Visual Factory Scheduling?

ShopVue’s Graphical Sequencer is a production scheduling software add-on that lets you: 

  • Intuitively and graphically sequence orders for each workpoint with simple drag-and-drop functionality
  • Visualize in a Gantt Chart format when each order will be completed
  • Fine-tune your ERP and APS schedule based on shift-specific goals
  • Display running, recently completed, and scheduled jobs
  • Assign employees to machines (and restrict machine access based on skills and certifications)
  • Communicate this shifts plan to operators

Why Do I Need To Graphically Schedule Production Resources?

When it comes to scheduling machines and the people who run them, most ERPs don’t provide adequate detail or granularity. Whiteboards and spreadsheets might, but they don’t update dynamically, require daily maintenance and are cumbersome to use. These manual tools also lack the power to predict completion times, among other capabilities.

Graphical Sequencer is optional by work center, provides granular scheduling information of people, machines and orders, updates dynamically and provides planners with tighter control. It can solve the factory-scheduling challenges with user-friendly but robust functionality.

How Do We Measure Its Value?

Every piece of data about your factory operations has value, and you need to be able to consider all relevant information to generate an optimal schedule for each machine and employee.  Graphical Sequencer considers relevant data and displays schedules in an easily understood visual format . Your supervisors can see the most important information quickly — and then make the best decision. Get started with ShopVue’s production scheduling software today!