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What Is Incentive Pay Tracking?

A ShopVue add-on for calculating incentive earnings based on your own unique pay rules and policies. Incentive Pay Tracking: 

  • Eliminates time-consuming and error-prone spreadsheets
  • Automatically calculates earnings based on efficiency, not hours worked
  • Allows managers to specify an average rate for jobs that don’t utilize incentive
  • Feeds your payroll system for gross-to-net processing
  • Works with many different payroll systems
  • Provides employees with real-time access to actual dollars earned
  • Can override standard calculations to address your organizations complex rules

Why Do I Need Automated Incentive Pay?

With Incentive Pay, you can ensure your employees earn at least minimum wage or their base rate. Operators perform their normal ShopVue transactions with rate changes and incentive calculations occurring seamlessly in the background (and subject to supervisor approval as needed). There are also features for Make-Up Pay and Average Pay, for special circumstances such as material problems and training for new employees.

How Do We Measure Its Value?

The Incentive Pay Tracking add-on module extends ShopVue’s functionality to reduce your payroll workload and eliminate pay errors. Your employees are your most valuable resource, and ensuring that they are compensated appropriately, and with transparency, is critical to keeping them happy. At the same time, minimizing payroll overhead increases operational efficiency and reduces administrative costs.