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What Is Points & Warnings?

Attendance and compliance enforcement that is simple, fair, and automated. ShopVue’s Points & Warnings add-on encourages consistent attendance and unbiased adherence to policy by programmatically ensuring progressive discipline. An automated employee point tracking system enables you to:

  • Assign point values to attendance infractions
  • Create ladders of warnings
  • Establish criteria for reducing points
  • Enter and track non-attendance infractions
  • Maintain legal compliance
  • Create custom warning reports for printing/signing
  • Provide system-wide visibility and transparency

Why Do I Need Attendance Compliance?

On the shop floor, productivity disappears when employees do. Because every minute is crucial for maximizing your operational efficiency, ShopVue’s Points + Warnings add-on leverages the system’s accuracy and precision into fair, reliable, and transparent attendance and compliance monitoring.

How Do We Measure Its Value?

When it comes to discipline and attendance, your employees need to know where they stand. Points & Warnings tracks work down to the minute, so you’re getting what you need out of your employees and they aren’t surprised when they receive a warning. The employee point tracking system also enables supervisors to reward employees for consistent attendance, whether through bonus pay or another system.