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What Is Teams?

The ShopVue Teams add-on module helps you spend more time working and less time looking for data. Workforce analytics software enables faster training for new hires, elimination of reporting errors, more direct capture of labor costs, and overall faster system performance.

What is Teams?

Teams is a concept unique to ShopVue and provides a straightforward way to simultaneously capture Machine hours and the Labor hours of one or more workers. It easily handles situations where the machine is mostly unattended (“pure machining”), or when multiple people are coming and going from a job (such as assembly)

Unique Features & Capabilities

Ad Hoc Management

Teams are formed on an ad hoc basis, and helpers form an ad hoc team simply by joining the machine.  The Teams add-on does not require you to decide upfront whether a machine or assembly bench is staffed by a crew or individual. Also, anyone can report the labor; no special crew badges are required.

Slush Time

Team member time is automatically charged to an indirect account if the resource is down or otherwise inactive.

Supervisor Time Apportionment

Supervisors, inspectors, or other managers can join at any level of your factory’s hierarchy: machine, work center, or department. And you’ll be able to capture more labor as a direct cost.

Share Efficiency

Teams solves the problem of who gets the credit when a job spans a shift change and it is not possible for the first shift operator to specify yield or percentage complete. ShopVue calculates efficiency once for the job — and individual efficiency labor reports will show the shared value.

Why Do I Need Simple Shop Floor Data Collection?

The ShopVue Teams add-on simplifies data collection when multiple employees work together as a group or a crew. Only one person reports the machine’s production and more detailed information (such as order numbers, operation numbers, or quantities scrapped by reason code), and then Teams automatically allocates labor time for all the other members based upon when they joined the machine.

How Do We Measure The Value Of Accurate Direct and Indirect Labor Data?

ShopVue’s Teams add-on is ideal for resources manned by multiple workers, such as large machines, cells, paint lines, packaging lines, and assembly stations. Imagine the simplicity of a second-shift crew simply “joining” the collection of orders already running on a large heat treat line.  With ShopVue’s workforce analytics software, you get more accurate direct and indirect labor data.