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What Is Time Sheet Software?

The Time Activity Card add-on — and its TimeCard mobile iOS app — is time sheet software for salaried employees that:

  • Simplifies attendance data collection and reporting
  • Enables employees to self-report attendance quickly and easily
  • Tracks time against projects
  • Offers approval and export functionality
  • Collects and displays attendance data for employees

Why Do I Need Simple Attendance Reporting?

Requiring salaried/exempt professional employees to clock in and out daily wastes valuable time. Eliminate this unnecessary and tedious routine with the exception-only reporting capabilities of ShopVue’s Time Activity Card.

With Time Activity Card, employees need just a few moments to periodically verify recorded attendance or make corrections via their own computers. Managers can easily review and approve data before it is sent to payroll, while human resources can access employees’ scheduled time off in advance.

When greater detail and monitoring of employee work is needed, the tool enables employees to record time (and other user-defined variables) spent on specific clients, projects, or activities.

Additionally, employees can easily view their payable hours and absence balances.

How Do We Measure Its Value?

Salaried/exempt professional employees will appreciate how using Time Activity Card instead of clocking in and out reduces their administrative tasks and streamlines their daily workflow. They can copy and paste from a previous day’s activities to save time, view and bank earned overtime hours, auto fill data, and even verify attendance with a single click. The honor-based system may also convey increased trust and autonomy to employees whose work you already value.

Managers and supervisors benefit from easy access to consistent data and a simple user interface for approving and reporting. Rapid and silent deployments and upgrades mean no added burden on your IT staff.