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What Is Component Control?

Component Control is a point-of-issue materials tracking and error-proofing software that ensures:

  • Employees use the correct parts in the correct quantities
  • Actual consumption is recorded in real time
  • Consumption and production are reconciled
  • BOM components can be traced by lot or serial number
  • Component Scrap can be tracked and monitored
  • Variances in expected vs. actual consumption can be reconciled
  • Components can be back flushed from the ERP

Why Do I Need Point of Issue Material Tracking?

Manufacturers often suffer from inaccurate inventory balances because it’s difficult to capture material usage at the point of use on the shop floor. As a workaround, factories sometimes rely on automatic back flushing, but the reporting delays can challenge reconciliation between what’s in the computer and what’s really on hand. An understanding of true usage can be elusive — and thus costly.

With Component Control, you can more accurately track inventory, reconcile variances and achieve a more accurate cost analysis.

How Do We Measure Its Value?

Every piece of material that crosses your shop floor has worth. Don’t let inaccurate usage reporting erode that value when you can have granular visibility into consumption and error-free control over your operators’ processes. Component Control ensures streamlined manufacturing with comprehensive documentation and reporting.