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What Is Material Review Board (MRB)?

ShopVue’s Material Review Board (MRB) enables paperless manufacturing and helps:

  • Operators to identify parts as suspect
  • Inspectors to receive alerts relating to the suspect parts
  • Inspectors to review suspect parts electronically and disposition them as ‘scrap’, ‘rework’, or ‘move’ to a different work order
  • Inspectors to disposition parts marked as suspect in error to use ‘as is’
  • The assignment of complex rework procedures using existing templates or custom routing

Why Do I Need MRB To Reduce Scrap?

Here’s one common scenario: During an assembly, an operator notices anomalies in the wiring of two parts. He is not trained to know whether these parts should be scrapped or can be reworked, and if the latter, to which step they must return. As a result, he may inaccurately designate the parts as scrap (resulting in wasted material), or halt production to find an inspector to guide him (resulting in wasted time). MRB helps avoid these costly missteps.

How Do We Measure The Value Of Scrap Reduction?

Material Review Board captures real-time data on aberrations in your factory operations. It therefore streamlines operator workflows, helps prevent unnecessary scrap, and provides enhanced information related to a suspect part. Material Review Board also can serve as a database of all parts currently in quarantine, hold cage, QC crib or other similar status.

This increased visibility and control of your manufacturing process will improve efficiency, reduce scrap and save money.