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What Is Production Quality Control?

The Quality Inspection module is a single, user-friendly system that combines WIP-integrated quality control with a paperless manufacturing workflow to help you error-proof and improve quality. 

Unique Features & Capabilities

Easy Plan Maintenance

Creating new inspection or quality plans is easy.  Users can create new plans from scratch or by copying an existing plan and revising existing test prompts, pass values, sample sizes, and linked documents.

Configurable Workflows

One or more inspection plans can apply to specific part numbers. And each inspection plan can specify the test criteria, pass values, sample size and frequency, and associated documents.

Configurable Privileges

The module can be configured so that operators can only test and record inspection results, whereas supervisors or inspector can make comments and/or sign off on results.

Easy-Access Audit Trails

Results for numerous tests and samples can be reviewed and edited in an integrated spreadsheet on a single screen.

Custom Reporting

ShopVue’s custom reporting enables access to quality data to help create quality assurance reports. Examples include: First Pass Yields (FPY), failed first articles, most common failures, failures by source (department, operator, machine, other) and a list of orders/parts that fail a particular test.

Why Do I Need Digital Quality Inspection?

Quality Inspection allows operators to record inspection results within the same interface they’re already using to receive work dispatches and report labor. Operators record the test results in a single onscreen form — so there’s no need to flip through multiple screens for each sample or test.

How Do We Measure Its Value?

ShopVue’s Quality Inspection module integrates quality control with your paperless manufacturing workflow, resulting in better quality, increased efficiency and granular documentation on quality efforts.  

ShopVue stores inspection results in its database for reporting and a full audit trail, and may be able to replace your standalone quality assurance system.