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What are Digital Instructions?

Digital Instructions eliminate paper instruction books or monolithic PDF documents that are challenging to author and distribute to Operators on the shop floor.

With ShopVue’s Digital Instruction Module, Operators get step-by-step instructions baked into the same Console interface that they use to start/stop activities and get dispatches. All digital instructions can be delivered in a carefully crafted sequence based on what is being produced and where the work is being done. For the Operator, it’s simple. See the next task with one or more pictures. Do the work. Test it and check it off. Repeat.

Powerful features include:

  • Collect Inspection Results – Include measurements with instructions to validate quality, send alerts when inspections fail, and enable powerful analysis of results and trends.
  • View 3D Models – Touch gestures allow workers to rotate and zoom, seeing what the finished assembly should look like – from all sides.
  • Certified Stamps – Validate critical tasks or sub-operations are correct by requiring a stamp from a different, certified employee.
  • Sub-Operation Dependencies – Workers can see a full-screen graphical map of the work sequence to complete the operation.
  • Task Types and sub-operation groups – Categorize tasks so that different operators each have their own collection.
  • Configurable Enforcement – Enforce that all tasks are completed or allow them to carryover to the next station to be easily completed by the next team.
  • API for PLM integration – Take advantage of automated interfaces, so as orders are released from your ERP, automatically fetch and import work instructions.
  • As-built reports – keep detailed logs of touchpoints against each order and serial. Quickly find out who completed each task, and when.

Why do I need Digital Work Instructions?

  • Simplify and improve Operator training
  • Be able to validate that tasks or steps have been completed by certified employees
  • Improve quality, reduce errors and scrap
  • Make it right the first time
  • Guarantee that everybody is working from the latest set of documentation
  • Eliminate kiosks dedicated to document retrieval
  • Maintain a complete as-built history

How do we measure the value of Inline Quality Inspections?

In many settings – especially complex assembly of serialized products – Digital Instructions are a game changer. Inline quality tests ensure that problems are spotted early – long before a part is improperly built or, worse still, installed in the final assembly. Scrap is dramatically reduced. Rework disappears. Orders are completed faster. Due dates are met.

No longer do you have to choose between quality and productivity – you can offer world-class quality matched with unprecedented productivity.