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What Is Machine Monitoring?

Direct Machine Interface — sometimes referred to as “DMI” — is ShopVue’s automatic machine monitoring software.  It requires zero human interaction and will be 100% accurate. Today, we connect with over 7,500 machines every day and capture well over 200 million machine events annually.

Unique features and Capabilities

Configurable polling frequency or how often it acquires and submits data

You specify how frequently the OPC client polls for changes to a data element. For example, you may check for a change in machine state every five seconds; if a machine goes down, the Console will show the red status almost instantly.

In the same configuration, you may opt to check yield every 60 seconds. This will update metrics at a reasonable frequency without creating excess network traffic or data records.

Configurable definitions of machine status and operations

Yes, it’s what you think it means: you and your team define what different machine status and operations types are. Exactly the way you want to run your business.

Automatic aggregation of records based on specific parameters

You specify how you want to aggregate and store records in the ShopVue database so that online inquiries and reports won’t be cluttered with unnecessary detail. For example, a decision to aggregate by the hour would reduce 1,440 records a day to just 24 (assuming your machine ran continuously and reported yield every 60 seconds).

Automatic cycle and quantity counting

ShopVue can now capture cycle count from either the Operator or the machine’s PLC. By multiplying the cycle count by the operation’s quantity per cycle (maintained in the order router), ShopVue automatically determines the actual quantity produced.

ShopVue also will calculate the difference from the last quantity counter reading collected and use that for the quantity produced. This feature also works in combination with cycle counting, using the calculated value as a cycle count rather than directly as the quantity produced.

Options for Connecting non-PLC machines

Our Machine Data Access Module optional hardware that allows you to get machine state from non-PLC based or proprietary machines. Our most popular model comes with eight DC inputs and monitors up to eight machines.

ShopVue Direct Machine Interface (DMI) captures key performance data in your PLCs automatically through an electronic interface without costly programming. At frequent intervals, ShopVue polls the machines, storing key data in a machine journal. The DMI engine then processes the journal and updates related aspects of the program such as status, yield, and quality records.

Why Do I Need Machine Tracking Software?

Manual collection of factory machine data is time-consuming and laborious  — it’s also frequently inaccurate, never timely — and the results are questionable.

In the case of a sudden machine breakdown, for example, the operator’s first priority is to fix the problem, not to immediately log the event. Similarly, an employee’s ability to capture yield and scrap data is limited by human error and judgment. Circumstances like these (everyday occurrences on the shop floor) will inherently reduce the value of your machine data, and lead to decisions based on inaccurate or old data.

For example, in this image below, ShopVue is monitoring three machines: Machine 1, 2, and 3. The red stripe on the Console alerts users to the fact that Machine 3 is down.

How Do We Measure OEE (Overall Equipment Effectivness)?

ShopVue’s Direct Machine Interface directly addresses these problems by capturing machine data automatically through an electronic interface to the machine’s controls. At frequent intervals (of your choosing), ShopVue polls the machines, and captures key data in our machine journal.

The DMI engine then processes the journal, updates ShopVue with relevant information, such as status, yield and quality records. The DMI data can be used to alert the right personnel through dashboards, Andon lights, email alerts if an issue arises.

Machine data collection guarantees accuracy in these critical metrics, and data accuracy translates to a stronger business.