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What Is Manufacturing Analytics?

When the capabilities of modern information technology are integrated into manufacturing operations, your business benefits. 

Connectivity between machines on the factory floor — and well beyond it — is known as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Now more than ever, it’s critical to capture the data your machines generate to run operations as efficiently as possible. ShopVue Analytics helps you visualize this data, enabling manufacturers to collect real-time data from their industrial equipment and derive actionable insights for business improvement.

A core ShopVue module, ShopVue Analytics monitors Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the following dashboards:

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Overall Labor Efficiency
  • Employee Status
  • Workforce Analysis
  • Production Schedule
  • Total Cycle Time
  • Throughput
  • Quality Metrics
  • Setup Changeover Time
  • Order Locations
  • Machine State & Maintenance
  • WIP Status

Gain Valuable Insight with all your Factory Data in one Convenient Location

How Can Analytics Benefit My Factory?

Why Do I Need Production ShopVue Analytics?

Success in manufacturing depends upon operational excellence. But it’s difficult to achieve optimal levels of efficiency and productivity without knowing exactly what’s happening on the shop floor.

That’s where MES,  IIoT, and Direct Machine Integration (DMI) come in. ShopVue Analytics collects essential, real-time data from industrial equipment and presents it directly to business stakeholders in a series of user dashboards, including both out-of-the-box and customizable options. 

You’ll have access to quality, real-time data, and you’ll be able to share KPIs across your organization. ShopVue Analytics is a powerful dashboard tool built on a leading BI platform Qlik.


Gain full visibility into all of your factory data, in one convenient location


Get the full picture of what’s really happening, identify bottlenecks, and more


Create actionable insights that drive improvement

How Do We Measure The Value of Production Visability?

ShopVue Analytics allows you to visualize the critical data being generated through your IIoT platform, your ShopVue MES platform, and other manufacturing systems. Widespread visibility into manufacturing operations and KPIs (displayed on monitors, PCs, and mobile devices) can motivate production teams to meet their goals. Process bottlenecks and equipment failures are much more easily identified. Customers can see the status and schedule of their orders. 

In the Industry 4.0 era, a robust manufacturing analytics platform is a prerequisite for operational excellence. ShopVue Analytics provides the insights — and facilitates a data-driven workforce empowered to use them.