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What Is Paperless Factory?

ShopVue’s Paperless Factory module supports your lean manufacturing initiatives by communicating production work order assignments electronically to each terminal or work station.

Unique Features & Capabilities

Configurable Sequence

ShopVue typically sequences ready orders based on the operation due date from the ERP or APS system. But planners and supervisors can override this sequence in each Console configuration if, for example, you need to reorder the jobs to minimize setup time between them.

Inspection Plans

The Operator Console can display inspection forms and enable Operators to record inspection results electronically within the ShopVue Console. Engineers can configure inspection criteria, tolerances, sample size, and the frequency ShopVue requires an inspection (for example, after step 30 or during step 40 after every N quantity complete). Collecting the inspections in ShopVue allows the inspection data to be analyzed and searched with ShopVue reports. The alternative is paper inspections that get filed but can’t be searched. 

Material Review Board (MRB)

When reporting pieces as “suspect”, ShopVue can generate an MRB (Material Review Board) tag that identifies the pieces for inspection. ShopVue makes it easy for inspectors to disposition the pieces. Inspectors work from an Active MRB Tags List (similar to the Activity List) that shows white rows (tags waiting to be dispositioned) and gray rows (completed inspections). They can disposition the pieces “Use as Is”, “Scrap”, “Rework” or “New Order”.


When identifying salvageable parts, you can use ShopVue to identify and track them through rework. You can elect to a) create a new rework order, b) choose from a rework routing template or c) perform what ShopVue calls “simple rework” in which you can report rework hours without creating a rework order. When creating rework routings, you specify the steps in the route and where rework will rejoin the original routing (for example, at a later step than originally routed).

Sequence Validation

Additionally, you can require Operators to run jobs in the sequence in which they are dispatched. This eliminates cherry-picking (Operators making ill-informed priority decisions) and ensures they are building the right parts at the right time.

Customizable Links

As ShopVue imports orders, it can automatically create links to all associated documents. The code is based upon your rules for storing and naming documents. Alternatively, ShopVue can read your ERP database (or another system) if it stores a list of links. Either way, ShopVue uses content that is authored and stored elsewhere; there is no need for messy replication or re-authoring. And, the operator can easily view all links for an order or operation with a single touch.

Why Do I Need Paperless Manufacturing Software?

Paperless Factory enables your operators to work smarter and faster, with less risk of error and a reduced reliance on paperwork. Importantly, it ensures your operators work on the right order at the right time. It represents the best way to run your shop floor in the digital era.

How Do We Measure The Value of Paperless Shop Floor Data Collection?

When you implement Paperless Factory, you’ll notice an instant improvement in real-time data quality — and you save on paper right away. Most importantly, you’ll also observe more efficient production schedules and higher-quality results by having the right order worked on at the right time. And, your operators will appreciate not having to keep track of traveler packets or sift through piles of paper. 

How a Paperless Factory Works with ShopVue

When an Operator logs on to the ShopVue Console, he sees each of his assigned machines and a sequenced list of operations that should run on each—the Activity List. See below for one example of the step-by-step-sequencing.

  1. The Operator selects the next work order from the Activity List.
  2. ShopVue loads data associated with the selected work order such as build notes (shown below in the detail panel). The Console becomes a “one stop shop” source of information for the Operator.
  3. To view additional information associated with the order, the Operator touches the Links button.
  4. ShopVue displays a list of all documents and drawings associated with the selected work order.
  5. When the Operator completes the operation, ShopVue automatically routes the order to the next scheduled workcenter and displays the next step on that workcenter’s Activity List.

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Paperless Factory enables your operators to work smarter and faster, with less risk of error and reduced reliance on paperwork.

It represents the best way to run your shop floor in the digital era.

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