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What Is Shop Activity & Labor Management?

Shop Activity & Labor is foundational to the ShopVue system, and provides powerful, configurable labor tracking. ShopVue collects both direct and indirect labor with a goal of keeping shop employees’  time at the terminal to a minimum. Because of the real-time nature of the data collection, Supervisors can track labor efficiencies and WIP status on-demand, and labor data updates to your ERP system continuously, improving its planning and tracking functions.

Unique Features & Capabilities

Configurable Validations

Foolproof your data collection process using the built-in suite of configurable validations. You can modify pre-built or create new validation schemes (such as Precise Piece Tracking after Gateway, Quantity Reasonable Based on Actual Time, and Sequence Checking) to ensure that the data being collected in accurate. If an Operator makes an entry error, they could be given a soft warning, a hard stop, or a prompt that requires a supervisor to proceed.

EZ Scan

Operators can complete key interactions, such as finishing one job and starting another, simply by scanning one, concatenated, barcode. ShopVue can load an order into the Operator’s console to prompt for next action, like Start / Stop and then to calculate the elapsed labor time. Other examples of EZ Scan include scanning a part or carton to increment quantity against an operation or a pallet to signify material movement on the shop floor.

User-Defined Fields

Configure touchable forms to collect data with text boxes, drop-down lists, and checkboxes.

Batch & One-Touch Reporting

Operators can report short-duration jobs in a batch rather than making multiple trips back to the terminal. For example, if an operator reports working four jobs between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m., ShopVue would assign 15 minutes to each job. Additionally, simple popup reports can be configured to report on almost any data with just a single touch. For example, a popup listing could display each day’s output against targets and the computation of this week’s group bonus. Note that all labor reporting is calculated real-time based on an Operator’s inputs of starts/stops.

Overtime Distribution

The Overtime Distribution feature allows you to associate overtime to specific jobs and labor activity — and better allocate costs. For example, if a special order for Customer ABC runs from 2:30 to 7:00 p.m. and operators begin accumulating overtime at 3:30 p.m., ShopVue can record a premium labor rate from 3:30 p.m. onward.

Setup / Changeover Analysis

Setup Analysis allows you to specify how long it takes to do both major and minor setup steps or changeovers for each machine or work center. On-demand reports can answer key questions, such as: Are orders being sequenced properly? Are setups being shared? Are we minimizing major changeovers? This data can accelerate your progress to optimizing production efficiency.

Why Do I Need Labor Management?

With this module, information about direct and indirect labor, parts, and orders is captured continuously at the source — and is available on a real-time basis to supervisors for critical analysis and decision making.

The module also streamlines operators’ workflow.  For example, EZ Scan enables operators to complete key interactions simply by scanning a bar code; ShopVue then automatically calculates the elapsed labor time as the duration of a task. Batch reporting offers operators the ability to enter short-duration, less significant jobs in bulk rather than making multiple trips back to the terminal. See below for sample shop activity / labor screens and workflow.

  1. An employee scans a barcoded traveler to start a Run. ShopVue validates that previous operation is closed.
  2. The green row on the Activity List indicates the currently running job.
  3. The Console prompts the employee to enter quantity good and scrap information before the finish the run.
Sample ShopVue Labor Activity Screens and Workflow

How Do We Measure Net Labor Efficiency?

Shop Activity & Labor helps you understand what your people are doing, and where the orders are at any given moment. This core module quickly captures and reports on the critical data that supervisors and managers need. Providing real-time visibility into labor efficiencies and WIP status.  ShopVue’s simple, foolproof interface requires only seconds to complete transactions and keeps your shop employees on the job.  

The impact of Shop Activity & Labor Management can be measured by improving metrics for Net Labor Efficiency (NLE), Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and On Time Delivery (OTD).  These three key metrics can help drive factory optimization.

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