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What Is Smart Manufacturing?

Industry 4.0 is the next step in the evolution of manufacturing processes. Building on earlier advances in computers and automation, the fourth industrial revolution incorporates connected systems and machine learning.

As a result, forward-thinking manufacturers can realize significant benefits to efficiency, productivity and cost savings. ShopVue’s Alternate Device Interface (ADI) and Big Data Interface (BDI) leverage APIs to deliver a seamless communication infrastructure. ShopVue links critical touch points throughout the shop floor for a real-time view of manufacturing operations.

Unique Features & Capabilities

ShopVue’s Web Services options provide secure and structured frameworks for exchanging
data between your company’s array of systems. This allows your operational team to get the
very best out of ShopVue while sharing data across your enterprise.

  • ShopVue’s Big Data Interface (BDI), an add-on module, exposes ShopVue data in a structured and secure way so that you can move your ShopVue data into any data visualization tool or platform of your choosing.
  • ShopVue’s Alternate Device Interface (ADI), an add-on module, provides an API for accepting ShopVue transactions from other applications.

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Why Do I Need Smart Factory APIs?

ShopVue’s Smart Manufacturing API’s ensure real-time connectivity across systems.  This innovation can reduce the need for human confirmation, significantly furthering process automation. It eliminates redundancy and data silos to optimize your processes.  

Whether your goals are autonomous actions with “lights-out” manufacturing or just getting the most out of your data, APIs are essential building blocks of a smart factory and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

On any manufacturer’s shop floor, there are myriad machines, systems, and processes at work. Imagine: 

  • ShopVue calling an automated guided vehicle (AGV) to deliver material just in time (JIT)
  • A machine-initiated downtime creating a work order in your asset management system
  • Verifying that tools are calibrated before they are used in a critical operation
  • Integrating with your proprietary systems or machines

…all without the need for human input!

ShopVue’s APIs function through our secure web services and don’t require a direct SQL connection.

Smart Manufacturing and Digital Transformation

Learn How you can Benefit

How Do We Measure The Value of Smart Factory APIs?

In order to realize the benefits of Industry 4.0, manufacturers must adopt unprecedented levels of integration. Smart Factory APIs, which can define and translate interactions among systems, are key components of this modern technology framework. With a connected shop floor, you could reduce production times and costs, while boosting efficiency and quality—all with less manual monitoring.

ShopVue’s Smart Manufacturing APIs represent the culmination of a manufacturer’s digital transformation. Connecting and synchronizing the dozens or even hundreds of shop floor systems yields the power to access real-time data — and convert it into meaningful insights that ensure operational excellence. You can expect substantial improvement across KPIs with the integration of ShopVue’s Smart Factory.