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What Is Time & Attendance?

Time & Attendance is one of ShopVue’s core modules, and the foundation for the system’s robust array of features. Now you can easily track who is in the factory, when they were in the factory, and what they worked on while there. It supports:

  • Complex schedule patterns
  • Multiple pay groups
  • Management by exception
  • Complex time calculations
  • Labor distribution
  • Labor/attendance balancing

Why Do I Need Attendance Tracking?

Data such as employee access and punches, is essential on its own. Plus it facilitates the many more advanced labor management features ShopVue offers. You can’t understand or evaluate business operations without knowing what your staff is doing. 

How Do We Measure The Value of Time and Attendance Management?

Time & Attendance requires minimal effort on the part of employees–essentially, they swipe in and out of facilities, and scan to begin particular jobs. The system takes it from there, letting employees know it’s recording, presenting data in a simple tabbed interface, and providing access to other information they may need, such as the status of vacation requests. The module is highly configurable depending on your specific needs and corporate culture. When the efficiency and success depends upon your employees, it’s critical to understand and measure their activities.