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ShopVue is an operator-friendly, ERP-agnostic manufacturing execution system (MES) that enables mid- to enterprise-sized discrete manufacturers to achieve optimal performance on the shop floor. It contains core modules and add-ons that enable you to efficiently manage people, process, machines, and orders in your factory, in real-time. A fully implemented ShopVue system can help you achieve measurable improvements in quality, efficiency, cost, and delivery time.

ShopVue’s architecture lets you purchase and implement only the specific modules that solve the unique needs of your business today. This flexible system offers you the ability to add new functionality as your needs evolve over time.

Curious About ShopVue?

Learn how ShopVue’s platform can drive improvement

Why Do I Need ShopVue?

ShopVue accelerates your move to a fully digital factory by collecting the real-time information you need, communicating seamlessly throughout your organization, and providing insights into how to better manage and improve your factory operations. With ShopVue, you don’t have to be on the factory floor to see everything that’s happening.

Unique Features & Capabilities

  • We’re led by a team of transparent, responsive manufacturing professionals who are here to help you through discovery, implementation, training, go-live, and for years after as your business continues to evolve. We are committed to providing easy-to-use software that solves real-world problems faced by manufacturers. 
  • ShopVue is operator-friendly. Our operator screens are color coded, touch based, intuitive to use, and configurable by area or user profile.  Securing buy-in from the people on the factory floor is critical to achieving success. Our screens help make that possible.
  • ShopVue offers a quick time-to-value. Our customers often see a positive return on their investment in as little as 6 to 9 months after going live.  
  • We’re vendor agnostic, and we work with a wide range of third-party systems, such as ERP, payroll, APS, PLM, EAM, QMS, and PLC/SCADA systems. And yes, that’s a mouthful of acronyms.
  • ShopVue also runs on a wide range of hardware, including user-friendly touchscreens, rugged industrial consoles, handheld RF scanners, and mobile devices. 

How Do We Measure ShopVue’s Value?

It’s impossible to know how to improve your business without understanding how it’s working at any given moment. ShopVue provides deep, real-time visibility into your shop floor, from managing operators’ time off requests, to quantifying scrap, to tracing a single part through its lifespan.

ShopVue saves time, money, reduces risk of errors, and delivers the ability to optimize your Net Labor Efficiency (NLE), Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), improve delivery times, and much more.