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Operator Consoles

Operator Consoles are ShopVue’s intuitive operator interface. It is highly configurable to be fast, friendly, and foolproof. Every touchscreen displays only what your operators need—nothing more.

Strategically located around your factory floor, in workcenters including machine processing, manual assembly, and inspection areas, it is the factory-friendly data collection and communication hub to ensure your labor, machines, and orders are fully optimized. 

Benefits of the Operator Console

  • A seamless, operator-friendly experience through an intuitive, touch-screen interface
  • Extensive options to configure the screen’s organizations and buttons by user, pay group, or work center
  • Receiving order schedules, accessing digital instructions, managing time, and documenting order progress can all be completed using as few “touches” as possible
  • On-pace panels provide the operator insight into performance metrics, keeping them focused and motivated on the goals for their shift
  • Order step validations, certifications and communication alerts are examples of oversight features that allow management to align the quality of shop floor activity with business best practices. 
ShopVue Operator Consoles are user-friendly

Management Console

The Management Console is ShopVue’s robust management interface, acting as the control center for all administrative and supervisory functions contained within ShopVue. It enables our customers to establish, manage, and measure rules, definitions, and workflows to ensure operations follow the processes that yield excellence. It also provides real-time visibility in the form of dashboards and reports that measure key business criteria. 

Optimized to run across all devices, the Management Console is also configured to support specific roles, including Production Supervisors, Planning / Scheduling, Engineering, Quality, HR, and System Administration. It provides real-time insight into people, process, machines, and orders. 

Benefits of the Management Console

  • Supports supervisors’ day-to-day tasks of scheduling people and reviewing activity
  • Engineering can manage Process Instructions and attachments
  • Quality can easily create inspection plans for each part or operation
  • HR can configure business and pay rules, like automatic punch adjustments, vacation accruals, and employee certification
  • Enables customized reports and dashboards
  • Offers instant notification via email or text message for specified events (like Machine Down, Excess Scrap, Employee Inactivity, etc.