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5 Ways to Improve On Time Delivery (OTD)

What does a missed delivery date and an unsatisfied customer mean to your business? And what are some ways to improve on time delivery?

For manufacturers, meeting On Time Delivery (OTD) targets is key to customer retention. Items arriving on time, as promised, translates to customer loyalty, and repeat business.

So how do you ensure these targets are routinely met so customers are satisfied?

Manufacturers know that On Time Delivery (OTD) is essential to success. The challenge had always been not having visibility into order delays until it was too late.

ShopVue’s On Time Completion dashboards provide the visibility manufacturers need to proactively address issues with production orders before they miss the delivery date.

At-risk orders are displayed by product, department, work center, or machine and are visible in real-time! ShopVue’s shop floor data collection software and manufacturing performance dashboards run on any device, from monitors throughout the factory to mobile devices in the hands of plant operators and managers. 

“With ShopVue, Carlisle Interconnect Technologies is on target to close their on-time delivery (OTD) gap by 13%”

– Plant Manager, Carlisle Interconnect Technologies

Our manufacturing clients claim that these are the best practices to improve On Time Delivery (OTD) rates: 

  1. Leveraging ShopVue data to support real-time reaction to changing conditions and priorities
  2. Displaying orders that are past the “latest start date” and “not started at routing step”
  3. Identifying potential bottlenecks in the production process before they occur
  4. Reassigning order routings as necessary
  5. Optimizing machine and labor resources

On-time delivery is an essential metric to ensure customer satisfaction as well as an overall sign of operational wellness. Unless you operate in a monopoly, the success of many businesses begins and ends here. How likely are you to place a repeat order from a company that did not meet its promise date?

ShopVue MES

ShopVue helps clients address inefficiencies in Labor, Work Order, Materials, and Machine Management. We use the latest technology in barcode scanners, touchscreen technologies, and direct machine integrations to ensure continuous improvements throughout the shop floor.

We’re proud to provide the industry’s most user-friendly MES to operators in more than 500 plants around the world. ShopVue is backed by exceptional implementation services and technical support.

ShopVue MES has been at the forefront of mastering manufacturing for over three decades. Ask us how a flexible MES from ShopVue can help you deliver on time.