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Connected Worker Solutions Empower Shop Floor Workers to Stay Engaged

It is no secret; the performance of frontline operators directly impacts the bottom line of manufacturers across the globe.

So how do you empower shop floor workers to stay engaged and connected?

The notion of The Connected Worker is not new, but it’s now more viable than ever!

The key is to enable them with software that exchanges just the right amount of information at just the right time.

Top 6 Connected Worker Solutions from ShopVue

Today’s definition of the connected worker is enabling any worker with connective technologies to help them do their job more effectively and make real-time, data-based, decisions.

Here are 6 reasons why a connected worker environment drives operational excellence and why a comprehensive MES platform is the cornerstone of it all:

1. Paperless Manufacturing

Electronically dispatch prioritized work-to lists that communicate work orders or serialized parts to work on and provide associated instructions, photos, and videos.

2. Digital Instructions

Ensure the build plan is followed and reduce costly scrap and rework by providing inline quality tests and complete part genealogy.

3. Labor and Attendance Management

Engage Operators with quick and easy data entry screens for attendance and labor transactions, built-in validations ensure accuracy at the source, and enables fully paperless time-off requests and approvals.

4. Advanced Machine Maintenance

Automatically notify the Maintenance department and create a Maintenance Order (ticket in ShopVue) when Machines go down on the shop floor. Track Maintenance Labor with real-time visibility and status.

5. Operator Console

Configure the operator interface to your company needs, by user or by work center, etc. Provide operators with digital feedback and the metrics they need to be engaged and efficient.

6. Employee Certifications

Verify if the employee is certified to run the machines required to do the job.

ShopVue MES

ShopVue MES has been the leading provider of connected worker solutions for manufacturers across the globe for over 35 years.

ShopVue’s key mission from day one has been to exchange just the right amount of information at just the right time to allow shop floor operators to make better in the moment decisions that ultimately impact the bottom line.