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Is the Heat Treat Process the Bottleneck in Your Factory?

Heat Treat is an essential operation for all manufacturers that need to heat and cool metal to alter the way it performs and reacts. But, is the heat treat process the bottleneck in your factory?

The heat treat operation can include multiple factory orders, consist of a variety of parts, require an assortment of trained workers, and span across several shifts.

In manufacturing, a bottleneck is defined as any situation that negatively impacts throughput in the production line.

All too often, the complexity of the heat treatment process is plagued with inefficiencies that create bottlenecks on the road to getting valuable product out the door.

For example, critical temperatures and weight variability in forming and bonding processes can create bottlenecks in production. Managing these inefficiencies can reduce inventory which in turn reduces operating cost and increases throughput, therefore increasing revenue and profitability.

In order to increase productivity, you’ll need the right technology to shed light on the bottlenecks in your operation. ShopVue’s MES software provides the insights you need to identify bottlenecks and eliminate them from your production process.  

With ShopVue’s Heat Treat Solution you have real-time access to the information you need to answer the following questions:

  • Are the furnaces loaded to optimal capacity?
  • How many serials/lots/pieces are loaded at the selected furnace?
  • How many serials/lots/pieces are heating in the selected furnace?
  • How many serials/lots/pieces are cooling at the selected furnace?
  • When is the current batch expected to finish?
  • Who are the current team members at the selected furnace?
  • What is the accurate job cost based on the labor time being correctly apportioned and allocated back to each order?

Is the heat treat process the bottleneck in your factory? Perfect your Heat Treat Process and make bottlenecks in your manufacturing process a thing of the past with ShopVue.

ShopVue MES

ShopVue has been a leading MES provider for manufacturers across the globe for over 35 years.

ShopVue’s key mission from day one has been to exchange just the right amount of information at just the right time to allow shop floor operators to make better in the moment decisions that ultimately impact the bottom line.