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Mitigate The Skilled Labor Shortage With An MES

Today manufacturers are faced with a number of challenges ranging from supply chain deficiencies to increasing competition and of course the skilled worker labor shortage. 

A recent study by the Manufacturing Institute found that retaining and attracting quality shop floor workers is one of the top challenges facing the manufacturing industry.

Nearly one-fourth of the manufacturing workforce is age 55 or older, a reality that signals a skilled labor shortage for the nation’s fifth-largest employer.

This very real problem is unlikely to go away anytime soon. One solution (that doesn’t require human cloning) is automation.

 “ShopVue is great. No more paper and handwriting, just enter the production data with the click of a button and continue working. It tells me how much I’ve completed, and how much is scrap. I like it A LOT!”

Tammi P., Shop Floor Operator


Fast Friendly Frontline Worker Interface:

Manufacturing plants win when their shop floor operators love coming to work because they have the tools they need to be successful. A fast foolproof operator interface that is purpose-built to reduce the time transacting and increase the time producing is an essential ingredient to keeping your skilled workforce happy on the job.

Digital Factory Work Instructions:

Digital work instructions decrease upfront factory worker training and onboarding costs by providing frontline workers with up-to-date, step-by-step, online instructions and videos. Digital work instructions drastically reduce ramp-up time, scrap, and rework and help plant workers produce at optimal efficiency right out of the gate. 

“ShopVue allows me to request parts from the warehouse with a touch of a button, I no longer need to leave my workstation.”

Susan P., Frontline Production Worker

Direct Machine Interface:

When there isn’t a shop floor operator available to tend a machine, an MES solution like ShopVue can connect directly to your machine plc’s to capture and report on machine state and quantity produced eliminating the need for human interaction. 

Paperless Shop Floor Dispatch:

Paperless shop floor dispatching automatically sequences work order assignments based on priorities to reduce the guessing game of which production order to work on next and cherry-picking. A paperless factory ensures your operators work on the right order at the right time, with less risk of costly errors.

“Shopvue has made a huge difference. The system bridges the gap between production, production support, quality, and maintenance. It allows us to do our jobs better and it makes us more connected as a company.”

Rob Q., Plant Receiving Supervisor

Factory Time and Attendance:

Skilled frontline workers want easy, push of the button, access to view their vacation balances and place time off requests. The right MES solution easily provides these capabilities along with the ability to view the status of their requests online.

ShopVue MES

ShopVue has been providing manufacturers with proven frontline connected workforce solutions for over 30 years. Contact us for your demo today.