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Process Monitoring Provides Inline Quality Control

What does a late shipment, or even worse, a returned part, mean to your business?

For manufacturers, the timeliness of catching poor production performance is key.

Quality control used to be a process that was completed after a production operation was complete,  long after expensive resources were lost because of inaccuracies during the manufacturing process.

Catching errors before they left the factory used to be an acceptable way to get the job done, but not anymore. Waste, rework and scrap impact the bottom line. Modern manufacturers require a better way to manage processes to maintain a competitive edge.

Reduce Costly Post Production Scrap and Rework

Today, tracking KPIs through WIP can be completed efficiently with the right digital workflows, catching quality errors inline instead of after the fact, eliminating expensive labor, machine, and material waste.

Manufacturers that collect, monitor, and track critical process data in real-time identify hidden losses in the factory and potential product quality issues early.

“ShopVue and their Direct Machine Interface (DMI) enables the collection of massive amounts of data and drives the enforcement of process control.”

-Dave Biron, Director of Quality, JVS

Process Monitoring software helps capture machine attributes such as temperature, humidity, pressure, and flow rates, in real-time during specified events through machine sensors. The information is continuously compared against standards and an alert is generated when there is a deviation, stopping bad production in its tracks.

Process Monitoring solutions from a Direct Machine Interface give manufacturers the following real-time information:

  • Machine State- Running, Idle, or Down
  • Quantity- Good, Scrap, Scrap Reason
  • Temporal- Temperature, Humidity, Pressure
  • Timestamps
  • Alerts when above/below thresholds
  • Dashboards with Process information via Analytics

Process Monitoring is like a mission control center for your factory, centralizing data and raising alarms when parameters are drifting outside of safe limits. The ShopVue platform monitors processes throughout the production environment, eliminating costly errors before they occur.

Process Monitoring solutions provide in-process quality control, catching defects in the manufacturing process quicker, reducing tooling and labor cost, and improving profitability by continuously increasing the production of quality parts.  

ShopVue MES

ShopVue MES has been at the forefront of mastering manufacturing for over three decades.

ShopVue helps clients address inefficiencies in Labor, Work Order, Materials, and Machine Management utilizing barcode scanners, touchscreen technologies, and direct machine integrations. ShopVue is proud to provide operators and supervisors in more than 500 plants around the world with the industry’s most user-friendly MES backed by exceptional implementation services and technical support.