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Production Traceability Improves Decision-Making and Recall Response

ShopVue Manufacturing Execution System (MES) by Casco Development, LLC

Production traceability is the tracing and documentation of production lots or serial numbers throughout your manufacturing process, including traceability back to vendors, processes, operations, operators, and times.

Traceability enables your team to know which supplier lots and or serial numbers were used in which finished products and who received those finished products.

With a lot and serial traceability system, you have a way to track and trace goods from the supplier that sent the raw material through delivery to the customer — and all the production processes and stages in between.

Life Without Production Traceability

In many operations, the reports are deposited into a pile of papers that are never entered into a computer. Or, if they are logged, they end up in Excel spreadsheets, which are difficult to analyze at any large scale. If the data from these reports cannot be analyzed, companies are forced to rely on anecdotes and guessing to make critical business decisions. Leaders may have only limited information to decide whether a specific operator needs to be re-skilled or a part needs to be re-designed to reduce defects based.

Transforming raw materials to finished goods requires software that provides granular, real-time data. Manufacturing traceability has become a critical requirement for today’s industrial businesses to reduce risks and stay competitive. A proven track-and-trace framework is essential not only in highly regulated industries, but it has also become a vital tool for all manufacturers — across all industries — to gain greater control over product and process quality and response to customer demands. 

The Benefits of Production Traceability

Production traceability enables you to record operations down to the moment, for even the most specialized and complex shop floor scenarios. It’s especially valuable for expensive parts controlled only by serial numbers, critical process documentation, tracking material variances, and delivering extensive as-built data.

Additionally, the combination of production traceability and component control provides complete end-to-end lot traceability across orders, which manufacturers can use to resolve recall or quarantine situations quickly and at a lower cost.

Boosting Precision and Accuracy

Any manufacturer knows how much precision and accuracy matter. ShopVue’s production traceability module addresses both requirements in a platform that can be customized to accommodate your specific needs.

ShopVue MES

Don’t risk making a poor decision or losing a customer over inadequate data when you can track even the smallest detail of your parts, processes, and orders in real-time with. Contact us to learn more.