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4 Reasons Your MES Needs Labor Management Features

Labor management is one of the most important and powerful capabilities made available through a comprehensive MES. Built to increase production efficiency and accurately track how employees are spending their time, MES labor tracking functions allow manufacturers to seamlessly measure floor activity in real-time and help meet productivity targets.

The Benefits of Labor Management

Here are four reasons your MES needs labor management capaiblities:

  1. Requires minimal input for runs and order-starting
    Labor management helps reduce operational complexity for your workforce, allowing runs to begin by simply scanning a barcode and conclude with the touch of a “finish run” button.
  1. Records quantities produced and scrap
    As soon as a run is completed, operators will be prompted to record quantities of goods and scrap,
    ensuring an accurate count is obtained as quickly as possible. To reduce data entry errors, the system can also be set to prevent users from entering numbers that appear to be incorrect.
  1. Monitors performance and attendance
    Overseeing how employees are spending their time on the floor is essential to operating an efficient
    warehouse. Not only do labor management functions enable manufacturers to identify how long it takes for workers to carry out a particular activity, but these capabilities also make it possible to identify missed time punches and other issues with employee efficiency.
  1. Provides comprehensive reporting
    Labor management doesn’t just help manufacturers take greater control over their present needs — it bolsters future planning with the help of comprehensive, real-time data. Measuring elapsed times,
    employee efficiencies, productivity targets, and everything in between, labor management functions
    generate enough data that can be stored and analyzed for several years, making it simple to run
    customized reports to finely tune operations using highly accurate information.

A Modular MES

ShopVue’s comprehensive MES enables manufacturers to optimize the people, processes, and equipment across their entire organization. Taking a modular, industry-specific approach, our highly flexible and customizable MES can be tailored to meet specific needs, allowing companies to purchase modules most relevant to their needs.

Learn more about the reasons your MES needs labor management features. ShopVue’s labor management solution gives manufacturers a powerful tool for workforce management. Ask the experts at ShopVue.