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The Benefits of Smart Manufacturing

Manufacturing has been greatly transformed through connected technologies.

Forging powerful links between machinery, data, and labor, an intelligent manufacturing process gives everyone from shop-floor managers to plant directors the tools to run highly efficient, less wasteful operations.

Smart manufacturing — the concept that encompasses the relationship between connected technology and manufacturing operations — enables organizations to take greater control over their day-to-day workflow. As data-driven, paperless workflows continue to proliferate throughout the factory floor, savvy IT and manufacturing technology buyers should take note of the vast array of benefits offered by smart manufacturing solutions and smart manufacturing APIs.

What is smart manufacturing?

Smart manufacturing refers to the integration of intelligent, connected technologies into the manufacturing process to control, monitor, and improve production. Encompassing a broad array of solutions — including computer controls, smart sensors, and data collection — smart manufacturing empowers organizations to take a holistic approach to operations and ultimately optimize manufacturing processes from start to finish.

A manufacturing execution system (MES), for instance, is a comprehensive smart manufacturing solution that allows manufacturers to take greater control over labor management, integrate digital factory and advanced manufacturing capabilities, and gain insights into detailed analytics. At a granular level, MES solutions are tailored to the manufacturing requirements of specific industries, such as aerospace and food, as well as by employee role and specific business needs. 

Taken together, a flexible and modular MES enables manufacturers to transform any shop floor into a connected, intelligent operation that delivers high efficiency, accuracy, and actionable data.

How do manufacturing APIs assist in smart manufacturing?

Smart factory APIs make it possible to take full advantage of the capabilities available through a smart manufacturing platform. Offering the ability to properly integrate proprietary machinery and custom manufacturing equipment with an MES and other related systems, manufacturing APIs allow for highly efficient monitoring, reporting, command, and control from the shop floor to the back office. 

Manufacturing APIs can connect hundreds of devices and pieces of manufacturing equipment, allowing manufacturers to achieve a powerful level of automation. From automatically verifying that machinery has been properly calibrated to scheduling equipment downtime for preventative maintenance, the level of automation made possible through smart factory APIs allows manufacturers to fine-tune technology to their precise needs and achieve just-in-time delivery. 

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