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The New World of Manufacturing Analytics

Manufacturing analytics has evolved beyond the manual tracking of production machines to the live visualization of the shop floor and its residual data.

Data collection is automated and aggregated into viewable KPIs on a digitally unified shop floor, also known as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Integrating the shop floor and analytics through an interconnected system enables shop floor managers and production operators to visualize data and derive actionable insights for continuous improvement.

Gathering and harnessing shop-floor data

Success in manufacturing has always depended on operational excellence, but it’s a huge challenge to achieve optimal levels of efficiency and productivity without knowing exactly what’s happening on the shop floor.

Historically, manufacturers relied on the basic information they could gather from operators and machines. They could not effectively harness and use all the data that was coming from the end-to-end manufacturing process. But by integrating a holistic 360-degree view of the production process, they can now efficiently identify shortfalls and improve business processes with real-time data. Companies can use this data to reduce risks and costs associated with downtime and identify bottlenecks.

Using real-time data

Today’s automated shop-floor machines continuously collect and share valuable and authenticated data, and software interfaces provide easy integration into the company’s IT landscape. The impact of shop activity and labor management can be measured by improving metrics for overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), overall labor efficiency (OLE), overall operations effectiveness (OOE). These three key metrics can help manufacturers drive shop floor optimization. Widespread visibility into manufacturing operations and KPIs (displayed on monitors, PCs, and mobile devices) can also help production teams maintain awareness of production pace and motivate them to meet their goals.

Finding the right partner

To accelerate your throughput with 360-degree visibility into the production process, ShopVue’s user-friendly MES has all the tools you need for labor management, component control, and other crucial manufacturing tasks. Our modular architecture enables you to implement only the features you desire.

ShopVue MES

Dedication to continuous improvement and a strong commitment to transparency with employees in all roles are among the reasons that ShopVue could be the right partner for your MES implementation. Learn more about we can help you boost the efficiency of your operation.