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Top 5 Advantages of Accurate, Real-Time Shop-Floor Data

Real-time data is one of the most valuable solutions available to any manufacturer, replacing paper-based workflows with connected, information-rich solutions.

Through the detailed analysis of production cycles, machinery lifespans, and labor needs, real-time data can transform the shop floor into an intelligent repository of knowledge that can greatly improve productivity, efficiency, and profit.

Let’s take a look at five of the top advantages of accurate, real-time shop floor data.

1. Greater accuracy

Mismatches between production and inventory can cause serious headaches for both customers and manufacturers. Real-time shop floor data can help prevent such errors, verifying everything from industry-specific ingredients to item weights before moving forward with the production process to prevent costly mistakes from occurring.

2. Higher quality

Real-time shop floor data gives manufacturers a greater ability to track manufacturing processes and incorporate product traceability. Whether it’s used to validate that only qualified personnel has access to specific equipment or identify a batch of products that have defective elements, an MES that provides real-time data can help managers identify quality issues throughout the production process and help manufacturers take corrective actions as quickly as possible. 

3. Less downtime

From stalled machinery to an overstaffed shop floor, real-time shop floor data enables manufacturers to create optimized production schedules that take demand, equipment availability, and staffing into account. By proactively scheduling machine maintenance and anticipating labor needs, real-time data can help manufacturers run operations that boost the shop floor’s overall productivity and efficiency.

4. Reduce waste, scrap, and excess inventory

Costly scrap and idle raw materials and goods can have a serious impact on a manufacturer’s bottom line, taking up valuable warehouse space and, in the case of perishable goods, risking spoilage before even being put to use. With real-time shop floor data, manufacturers can take greater control over the materials and goods throughout any plant, ensuring that raw materials are acquired and used in a timely manner and enabling just-in-time delivery that cuts down on excess inventory and unnecessary waste. 

5. Eliminate paper-based processes

Scattered handwritten notes and never-ending spreadsheet cells can contribute to a cluttered and confusing manufacturing process. By recording shop-floor data in real-time, an MES equipped with real-time data capabilities can replace the dependency on manual, paper-based processes with a robust solution in constant communication with systems from the back office to the plant itself. 

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