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Using the Power of the IIoT to Increase Productivity

The industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), or Industry 4.0, is the application of Internet of Things concepts and processes in industrial settings.

By using sensors and automation to build machine-to-machine connectivity, IIoT can make processes much more efficient, provide vital business intelligence, and even create new business models and revenue streams.

It can be used to drive smart manufacturing, connected
factories and logistics, and smart digital supply chains, as well as preventive and predictive maintenance.

Connected Equipment Drives Productivity Gains

Connected industrial equipment increases productivity by improving data integrity, measuring efficiency,
identifying problems, reducing errors, increasing safety, and reducing costs. Popular components of an IIoT system include:

  • PLC’s: A programmable logic controller is a computing device that controls automated assembly lines, robotics, and other manufacturing processes.
  • Asset tracking solutions: Barcode software or radio-frequency identification (RFID) solutions help you gain control of your assets by eliminating manual tracking processes and providing full visibility as assets move within your facilities or throughout the supply chain.
  • Proximity sensors: These devices detect the presence or absence of target objects using electromagnetic fields, light, or sound. They are used in robotics, machine tool, assembly lines, and many other use cases.
  • Ancillary equipment: A wide range of equipment — such as scales, palletizers, transport sleds, tanks, and automated handling equipment — can be connected to an IIoT system, collecting vital data at every point in your manufacturing process.
  • Cloud server: A robust IIoT system generates a tremendous amount of data. Many companies opt to use cloud computing to manage their IIoT technology and analyze their data.

The Benefits of Data

IIoT solutions enable manufacturers to maximize their data, which provides many benefits that boost the
bottom line. They enable organizations to:

  • Calculate key performance indicators from the shop floor in real-time
  • Track machine and user activities and events without the complexity of multiple systems
  • Cut waste and decrease downtime for a more efficient manufacturing facility
  • View OEE and OLE metrics from the dashboard—without the need for manual calculations

Data makes it easier for a manufacturer to identify inefficiencies and errors to optimize the use of assets,
improving the effectiveness of daily operations.

The First Step in Your Digital Transformation

For more than 30 years, ShopVue has specialized in integrated shop floor data collection. We bring our expertise to the world of IIoT, helping manufacturers gain real-time visibility into their processes. Our IIoT platform can help you optimize workflows, reduce downtime, and boost productivity. For more
information on our complete IIoT solution — software, hardware, consulting, implementation,
and training — contact a product specialist today