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Do you need to improve your shop floor performance with a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)? Do you want to update your shop floor data collection, production management, and work in process (WIP) practices? Are you using imperfect Excel spreadsheets or paper to track attendance, labor efficiency, and order status? Do you have work order travelers scattered throughout the shop floor? Are you wasting expensive personnel hours on data consolidation and keypunch effort just to feed this information to your ERP — and it’s always late?

Are you ready to have better control of your factory’s performance? If so, then ShopVue may be the right system for you.

Improve Shop Floor Performace

ShopVue is a modular, operator-friendly manufacturing execution system (MES) that allows you to optimize shop floor productivity by combining powerful manufacturing software applications such as: 

  • Shop Activity & Labor provides powerful, configurable labor tracking. ShopVue collects both direct and indirect labor with goal of keeping shop employees’ time at the terminal to a minimum
  • Digital Factory and Advanced Manufacturing with integrated: 
  • Production Traceability (genealogy) with Component Control for material issue transactions
  • Digital Instructions with authoring to help accelerate training and ensure the process is followed to Engineering’s specifications
  • An open systems approach that integrates ShopVue seamlessly with your ERP, payroll, PLM, APS and other critical business systems 

With ShopVue, you can improve the performance of your people, processes, orders, and machines. And, because its modular, you can buy what you need, when you need it.