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Do you want to update your shop floor data collection practices? Are you using imperfect Excel spreadsheets or paper to track attendance, labor efficiency, and order status? Do you have work orders on paper scattered throughout the shop floor? Are you wasting expensive personnel hours on data entry just to feed this information to your ERP — and it’s always late?

Are you ready to change? If so, then ShopVue may be the right solution for you.

Work Smarter. Simply.

ShopVue is a modular, operator-friendly manufacturing execution system (MES) that allows you to achieve best-in-class production efficiencies by combining powerful applications such as: 

  • Labor Management with attendance, labor, and production tracking including shop floor data collection modules
  • Digital Factory and Advanced Manufacturing with integrated: 
    • Paperless factory 
    • Direct machine interfaces 
    • Material review board and quality inspection, including scrap reporting
  • Production track and traceability (genealogy)
    • Component control
  • Digital Instructions with authoring and, the ability to link with labor management and track and traceability for a complete certifications-based approach 
  • An open systems approach that will work seamlessly with your ERP, payroll, PLM, APS and other critical business systems 

With ShopVue, you ensure optimal performance of you people, processes, orders, and machines. And, because its modular, you can buy what you need, when you need it.