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An effective labor management software and data collection system is an essential tool for workforce management and continuous improvement. ShopVue includes powerful, configurable labor tracking software that provides you the data you need while minimizing the time employees spend reporting it.

Are you challenged by:

  • Paper production logs riddled with “best guess” elapsed times?
  • Out-of-date routings?
  • A lack of actual cost data?
  • Flawed capacity projections?
  • A homegrown labor management system that is costly to run and prone to failure?
  • A lack of visibility regarding missed productivity targets?

The Foundation for Accurate Costing & Better Scheduling

Using automated data collection processes, ShopVue’s labor management software records when workers start and finish each shop floor activity. ShopVue captures detailed data about orders, operations, machines, and quantities in a snap — often from just one or two inputs by an employee. In real time, the ShopVue calculates elapsed times and efficiencies based on your labor policies.

ShopVue also captures indirect activity, enabling supervisors to monitor how direct and indirect labor charges correspond to attendance time. The data collection system flags exceptions—missed punches, time gaps, unreasonable efficiencies, and other problems — in the Week-at-a-Glance interface. This forces supervisors to resolve these issues and electronically approve the data while the day’s activities are still fresh in everybody’s mind.

Throughout the day, ShopVue sends data to your ERP for immediate posting. ShopVue updates your ERP just seconds after employees finish operations. As a result, all of your ERP users can see real-time status and up-to-the-minute costs.

ShopVue’s labor management software can store several years of efficiency and utilization data. You can mine this data in numerous ways via online inquiries and standard reports. And with easy access to your data, there are few limits on custom reports.

Interested in a demo?

  • See a chart of the last 10 times you ran a part and using this data to lock down a new standard
  • Know exactly how each part is built: the route it follows, how long each operation takes, and the overall cycle times
  • Share productivity targets with employees on their terminals or on large screen dashboards
  • Spot operational problems in real time and taking immediate corrective action

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