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Is your production line running on pace? Or is there a problem? ShopVue’s production line management and downtime tracking software can tell you.

By combining operator-reported information and data collected directly from your machine, ShopVue displays on large dashboards how your lines are performing. Managers can see what orders are running, quantities produced and scrapped, who is staffing the line, and information about downtime events including the cause, duration, and response.

Here are some examples of how the ShopVue line management system and downtime tracking software can help better manage lines:

Identify Bottlenecks

Even if you can’t track the status of every piece of machinery that makes up your line, ShopVue’s line management system can help you get a handle on downtime by tracking the status and pace of critical pieces of equipment — like a bagger — that may create a bottleneck for the entire line if it goes down for long.

Report by Line Lead

You can save time and reduce reporting errors by having line leads report transactions for other team members. For example, you may have line leads report starting and stopping setups and orders while operators simply report when they join or leave the line. ShopVue correctly distributes labor time to the orders on the line and supervisors can ensure their operators’ labor and attendance balances are accurate by comparing an operator’s time spent working the line with time on the clock.

Position Employees & Validate Certifications

With Paperless Dispatch and the Graphical Sequencer, planners and supervisors can use ShopVue to electronically tell operators where they are supposed to work. To account for operator absences and staffing demands, supervisors can edit default staffing by simply dragging and dropping available employees to the desired line positions.

ShopVue’s Certifications feature can warn supervisors when an operator is not certified for an assignment, or prevent operators from performing jobs for which they are not trained.

See Line-Staffing at a Glance

ShopVue can show who is working on the line right now, including whether somebody is at break or lunch. You can choose to display this on a large monitor on the shop floor, as a report in the manager’s office, and/or as a sidebar report on the Console, ShopVue’s factory floor interface.

The Schedule Board shows staffing by position (columns). ShopVue highlights employees who are on the job in green and alerts Supervisors to unfilled positions with red highlights. This dashboard can be easily modified to show different information; for example: when employees are on break or which employees are trained to perform certain jobs.

Track Setup Time Accurately

If you run several like orders on a line that share a single setup, ShopVue can correctly allocate the setup time for these multiple orders without the need for additional Operator input.

When a shared setup is indicated, ShopVue will smartly apportion the total setup time evenly across the subsequent orders. The operator simply reports when he starts and finishes the setup and when he starts and finishes each subsequent order. Either at the end of the day or when the next setup has begun, ShopVue will apportion the setup time among all orders so that you can correctly cost the labor and machine time for each order.

Call Technicians & Report Maintenance

With ShopVue, the Line Lead can hit a “Call Tech” button to immediately notify maintenance techs when a piece of equipment is down. An optional Direct Machine Interface can notify line leads and techs automatically if ShopVue determines a machine is down for longer than a specified period of time.

Quickly Record Yield & Print Labels

ShopVue’s incremental quantity feature makes it fast and easy for Line Leads to report “another pallet” or “another box” done. Using labelNow, ShopVue can automatically print a box or pallet identifier label with customizable data including a timestamp, quantity, item and work order number, operator, and more.