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Are you challenged by:

  • Little or no data regarding machine performance?
  • Manual or paper-based data collection and error-prone spreadsheets?
  • Spotty compliance?
  • Inaccessible data locked away in PLCs?
  • Different systems for labor and machine tracking?

Measuring Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

With ShopVue Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) software, your machines provide the bulk of the data — when the machine starts, when it goes down, how many pieces are produced and much more. We connect directly to the machine’s PLC via OPC technology (in the event a machine does not have a PLC, we can tap into an existing circuit such as a light pole). 

With ShopVue’s machine monitoring solutions and OEE system software, you can connect directly to your machine’s controls and get 100% accurate status and performance information with minimal effort.

The machine data we collect anchors the remaining information provided by the operator. Operators enter their data using touchscreens or barcode scanners. You can mount a terminal on each machine or place it in a community location.

ShopVue OEE system software completes the process by finalizing labor and machine times for the run. ShopVue then forwards this data, along with final yield and scrap counts, to your ERP.

This shared and comprehensive approach to data collection and the comprehensive data that results and helps you improve your OEE.


  • Seeing the current state of each machine on a dashboard in your production control office
  • Getting continuous yield and scrap updates throughout the shift
  • Having the near real-time data to explain why a run was especially good or bad
  • Knowing the causes of poor machine utilization
  • Receiving immediate notifications of a spike in scrap

Improved OEE is just one reason ShopVue can help optimize your business.