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Production Traceability

An effective manufacturing traceability solution is integrated directly into your manufacturing process to protect you from recall exposure and enhance quality control. Highly regulated industries such as food and beverage, aerospace and defense, medical device, and automotive, require a solution like ShopVue’s Lot and Serial Traceability software to support tracking production lots throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Maintain your customer’s confidence in you with full forward and backward production traceability/genealogy without the headaches.

Are you challenged by:

  • Splitting orders into uniquely identified packaging lots (such as batches, rolls, or containers) at any point within the route?
  • Ensuring each lot remains distinct in subsequent operations?
  • Creating ad hoc collections for just parts of entire orders or groupings of serial numbers?
  • Automatically printing labels with lot and serial numbers at the point of transaction?
  • Simplifying the collection of lot and serial data?

ShopVue’s Production Traceability module can help. Here are a few common examples:

Centrifugal Caster:

The manufacturer assigns serial numbers to each expensive part when cast. A system is required to capture as-built data, such as heating temperatures and chemistry, by serial number at all subsequent operations.

Specialty Glass Manufacturer:

The manufacturer needs to trace a shipment back to a specific coating run to determine the process attributes, such as temperature and pressure, in case a customer reports problems with the final product quality.

Metal Fasteners Manufacturer:

The manufacturer’s first operation bands several strands of wire and creates spools with unique quantities. At subsequent operations, the Operator must report what spool was used, providing traceability and material variance reporting. 

The Benefits of Production Traceability

Transforming raw materials to finished goods requires software that provides granular, real-time data. Manufacturing traceability has become a critical requirement for today’s industrial businesses to reduce risks and stay competitive. A proven track-and-trace framework is essential not only in highly regulated industries, but it has also become a vital tool for all manufacturers — across all industries — to gain greater control over product and process quality and response to customer demands.