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Reduce factory waste by quickly spotting problems.

ShopVue’s real-time scrap reporting helps you identify and eliminate waste and achieve your manufacturing benchmarks. 

ShopVue’s scrap reduction program allows you to:

  • Require operators report scrap as they complete jobs
  • Configure scrap reason codes to accurately track why scrap occurs
  • Create and track rework
  • Automatically collect scrap quantities from a machine’s PLC
  • View real-time reports detailing where and why your factory is generating scrap
  • Require operators to report scrap anytime they finish working on a job (if desired, operators can also report scrap on demand)

Benefits of ShopVue Scrap Reporting 

ShopVue scrap reduction program helps you identify sources of scrap so you can reduce or eliminate waste in your production processes. Better yet, ShopVue’s fast, friendly, and foolproof user interface means factory employees spend as little time as possible entering data and more time working; that keeps your manufacturing and labor costs low.  

Features of ShopVue Scrap Reporting 

The Scrap Analysis Report is an out-of-box ShopVue report that summarizes scrap by type, date, employee, operation, and part. The report includes scrap quantity, reason code, and scrap reason description. 

Maintain Scrap Type

To expedite reporting, factory operators can select scrap reasons from a drop-down menu of pre-configured scrap reasons. If desired, ShopVue’s scrap reduction program also can display a field for entering a custom scrap reason description. Administrators can configure the default list of scrap reasons and select whether to use the reason code for rework.

Create Rework Loop

When scrap is reported with certain reason codes, ShopVue can automatically generate rework orders. For example, ShopVue can generate a rework order for scrap with a bad weld, but bent or broken scrap is not eligible for rework.

Print Scrap Ticket

Using the labelNow add-on, ShopVue can automatically print scrap tickets whenever scrap is reported. Operators can affix the scrap tickets to parts or pallets to help identify scrap for recycling or rework.

Automated Scrap Reporting via DMI

When machines play a large role in your plant’s overall efficiency, ShopVue can capture machine data — including scrap quantities — directly from the machine’s PLC. If desired, ShopVue can then prompt employees to enter scrap reasons for the quantities reported. ShopVue can display real-time scrap data on a dashboard, thereby allowing supervisors to quickly spot problems.