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Do you want to improve your factory or shop floor execution by:

  • Eliminating illegible paper production logs or time sheets?
  • Reducing employee hours on mind-numbing data entry?
  • Getting timely and accurate inventory balances?
  • Having on-demand access to order status without walking across the shop floor?
  • Identifying early if an order has a problem, and been prevent it from being stranded for hours or days?
  • Avoid direct and indirect labor charges that are end-of-day guesses?
  • Give your shop managers timely access to accurate data, and avoid errors created by bypassing the ERP, or using spreadsheets and other manual systems?

Accurate, Real-time Shop Floor Data Collection Transforms Your ERP

ShopVue’s highly automated factory and shop floor data collection software system extends your ERP and can eliminate most—if not all—of the above frustrations.

ShopVue uses automated data collection software systems like barcode and proximity scanners to capture shop transactions when and where they happen.

With ShopVue, workers use scanners and touchscreens to quickly and accurately report materials used, operations completed, and labor. 

We’ve designed ShopVue to make factory and shop floor data collection as painless as possible for employees. The software is highly configurable, allowing employees to conduct transactions in the fewest possible actions. Interactive validations provide immediate warnings if the user makes an error. Prebuilt transactions such as “Scan Start/ Finish,” “Record Scrap,” “Classify Downtime Reason,” dozens of configuration options, and user-defined fields combine to create a comprehensive solution.

Data collection with the ShopVue software system is easy and fast. ShopVue performs labor calculations immediately and our out-of-the box interfaces continuously feed your ERP with real-time data.

That means:

  • Your ERP can backflush components within seconds of ShopVue’s update
  • You can get actual labor time, calculated based upon ShopVue’s timestamp of when the employee started and finished each job
  • Your ERP knows when a production order was completed at 7:30 p.m. so it doesn’t overplan in its next MRP run scheduled for 8:00
Shop Floor Data Collection