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You want to improve data sharing across your company’s systems to reach your continuous improvement goals. But how do you get there when your people, sensors and machines operate in separate technology silos? ShopVue’s Smart Factory APIs are the solution for a connected factory.

Are you challenged by:

  • Communication barriers across systems?
  • Monitoring equipment performance?
  • Shop floor productivity?
  • Maintaining quality throughout production?

How Will ShopVue APIs Help Connect My Factory?

The Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) depends on streamlined data collection. In fact, a recent study by Deloitte reports “early smart factory adopters report average three-year gains of 10 percent for factory output, factory capacity utilization, and labor productivity.”

ShopVue’s Web Services options provide a secure framework for exchanging data between your company’s array of systems. This allows your operations team to share real-time data across your enterprise. ShopVue APIs are the connected factory solution for visibility into operational data.

The Next Step in Digital Transformation

Leading manufacturers know that investing in data initiatives will power the next phase of their Digital Transformation. ShopVue picks up where most ERP systems leave off. As a world class Manufacturing Execution System, ShopVue APIs provide the ability to share data across your IT landscape.

As a result, you have the data you need to enhance efficiency across your plant floor operations. Ultimately, you have the data you need to improve Performance, Productivity and Predictability. Request a demo today to see how ShopVue can be your connected factory solution.

Smart Manufacturing and Digital Transformation

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