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You want to improve warehouse productivity to optimize your inventory, labor and cost management. But inaccurate data and inefficient processes are holding you back. ShopVue’s Warehouse Management module is the solution for a fast, efficient warehouse. Manage material handling, reduce errors and validate the shipping process to get the most from your warehouse operations.

Are you challenged by:

  • Managing pre- and post-production activities?
  • Efficiently processing receiving?
  • Controlling inventory stock levels, locations and costs?
  • Picking and Shipping errors?
  • Warehouse performance reporting?

ShopVue’s Warehouse Management solution can help.

Scaleable Functionality

Add ShopVue’s Warehouse Management module to your MES solution for an end-to-end solution: Receiving, Inventory, Production, Packing, Storage and Shipping

  • Fully Configurable & User-Friendly
  • Compatible with Barcode Scanners & Mobile Computers
  • Automatic Error Alerts
  • Integrate to your ERP
  • Multi-Language Interface
  • Full Visibility, Even at Remote Locations!

Interested in a demo?

  • Add Directed Put-Away, Quality Inspection, and Supplier Compliance to your Receiving process.
  • Get Finite Inventory Location Tracking, Directed Picking & Replenishment, and manage Expirations and FIFO.
  • Manage Unit of Measure conversions, automate Physical & Cycle Counts, and add Consolidated Picking and Nested Container Management.
  • Automate Location Transfers, meet Labeling Compliance, add Shipment Verification and Audit Trails.

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