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Your people — shop floor managers, operators and others — can be your biggest asset. Why not give them the best-in-class manufacturing execution system (MES) tool that helps them succeed?

Our core Shop Activity & Labor and Time & Attendance modules are the foundation for all ShopVue functionality. These two powerful components tracks who is in the factory, when they arrived and left, the area they are working in and then also calculates attendance totals (like OT), updates your payroll system and more.

Additional Auxiliary and Add-On modules such as Teams, Points & Warnings and Incentive Pay can round out the solution to simplify data collection, reduce payroll workload and eliminate pay errors with automatic real-time incentive pay calculations.

ShopVue is flexible and highly configurable. Today, we support single location factories as well as multi site, multinational manufacturers with thousands of employees. Whether you have the complex attendance rules of a union shop or the simpler requirements of an honor-based system, ShopVue can exceed your expectations.

With ShopVue, you can:

  • Record attendance from badge scans
  • Schedule employees—shifts, work center assignments, and days off
  • Perform calculations based on your company’s policies, including punch adjustments, lunch/ break extraction, overtime, and shift differential
  • Track department loans for accurate labor distribution
  • Manage by exception—edit and approve records online in just minutes a day
  • Export data to payroll systems
  • Eliminate the need for non-hourly employees to clock in and out with honor based, exception only reporting.
  • Track time and other user-defined variables against projects, specific activities or clients.
  • Review and approve employee hours and activities before exporting the information to payroll.
  • Enable employees to view payable hours and absence credit balances. 

Payroll Managers

If you are a Payroll Manager, ShopVue automates factory time and attendance management, thus helping you reduce the manual tracking and updating of time and absence problems when it comes to running payroll. ShopVue helps eliminate paper and reduce data entry while providing the self-service tools for capturing time, requesting vacation, and more.  

HR Managers

ShopVue assists HR Managers by helping enforce policies and monitoring complex pay rules such as diverse time adjustments, overtime policies, management of multiple schedules, absence management, progressive discipline via ShopVue Points & Warnings add-on, and more.