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Maximize Your Production

Plant Managers & Supervisors

ShopVue — through easy-to-use interfaces, integrated time and attendance, dashboards, and reporting made easy — is a best-in-class solution for shift-over-shift management . With Manufacturing Operations Management in mind, ShopVue provides your plant managers and supervisors with real-time data about overall manufacturing effectiveness about your people, processes, machines, and orders. By leveraging key tools such as ShopVue Activity & Labor Management, scheduling options, and other embedded decision-oriented tools, your plant can achieve optimal efficiencies. 

Plant Operators

ShopVue’s intuitive user experience allows your operators to execute their work with just a few keystrokes or touchscreen clicks. Individual and roles-based personas and screens deliver only the information needed to execute the operator’s job, allowing them to capture time, material, and other important inputs for job execution quickly and easily.

Production Planners

ShopVue enables production planners to schedule jobs, track work in process (WIP), and get real-time updates as orders move across the shop floor. ShopVue’s intuitive Graphical Sequencer makes short-term scheduling simple with a flexible drag-and-drop interface so that planners can rearrange and reschedule jobs by operator, work center, and machine. ShopVue goes even further with its Paperless Dispatch solution and Digital Instructions solutions by digitizing the entire work process. The value: true, real-time updates that improve decision making across operations.