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Keep Your Team Happy with Built-In Quality

ShopVue is a user-friendly system that combines WIP-integrated quality control and continuous improvement with a paperless manufacturing workflow to help you error-proof and improve quality.  With ShopVue, you can ship quality products on-time, today and every day. ShopVue quality and continuous improvement helps you to:

  • Reduce scrap and waste by proactively preventing quality failures
  • Digitally capture all transactions via our easy-to-use Operator interface
  • Enforce the frequency of quality checks and, through Certifications, ensure only the right person is working on or approving a part
  • Identify, isolate and contain quality issues to enable faster response times and minimize the cost of any recalls

Quality & Continuous Improvement

ShopVue provides the platform to drive quality and continuous improvement for manufacturing by identifying sources of inefficiencies, scrap, and rework. Digital Instructions help to enforce process control and electronic inspections. Traceability provides complete, cradle-to-grave genealogy. 

ShopVue Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Console with Quality Control and Continuous Improvement Inspection Plans

Plant Engineers

ShopVue provides engineers with timely data on the effectiveness of a factory with real-time review of orders, processes, machines, and people.  Inspection Plans enforce the frequency of quality checks and results are stored for analysis and audits.