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Aerospace & Defense

No industry takes security and reliability more seriously than Aerospace & Defense. At ShopVue, we understand these high stakes. Our modular MES facilitates compliance with all industry standards, providing the safest and most dependable tools to optimize your labor management system software and manufacturing operations.

More than one of our customers are FAA, EASA, CAAC and FAA PMA certified, and they regularly win Quality, Performance or Supplier of the Year awards from their customers ― one has earned over 40 awards in 25 years! We work hard to earn our customer’s trust and to support their success.

Key modules to consider are: Labor Management (especially Certifications), Direct Machine Interface, Digital Instructions, and Production Traceability.


ShopVue has extensive experience supporting the needs of manufacturers in the automotive industry. From managing your parts to keeping track of your people, ShopVue offers features that help your factory operations fun more smoothly and efficiently.

Key modules to consider are: Labor Management (especially Shop Activity & Labor), Paperless Factory and Production Traceability. If you have a large work force and/or complex pay, overtime, or incentive pay rules, you may want to consider the following Add-Ons: Payroll Export, Absence & Overtime, Points + Warnings, Time Activity Card and Incentive Pay.

Medical Equipment

The medical equipment industry maintains some of the most stringent standards for traceability and genealogy, and those standards are continuing to evolve, transitioning from ISO 9001 to ISO 13485:2016.

ShopVue software for manufacturing provides documentation at the most detailed and granular level. Every moment of a part’s life cycle is recorded to ensure safety and functionality.

Key modules to consider are: Labor Management System Software (especially Certifications), Direct Machine Interface, Digital Instructions, and Production Traceability.

Metal Fabrication

ShopVue helps metal fabrication manufacturers manage their challenges related to on-time delivery, quality, throughput, and job and part costing – ensuring customers are satisfied and margins are healthy.

ShopVue’s provides a centralized system for Operators to view the work queue, charge labor, access diagrams and work instructions, record inline quality inspections, call for maintenance or material replenishment and manage rework.

Made-to-Order manufacturing environments with a high mix of products, complex Bill of Materials structure and fluctuating Operations make having real-time visibility and accurate efficiency tracking essential to your business.